HPY 2019 – Week Two

It is already the second week of May and as the temperatures continue to soar outside, so is the competitiveness of our participants. With competitions like the debates, Master Quiz, Master Chef, the HPY Bawa-Bawi contest, cricket and the spectacular Talent competition already completed, the drive to strive continues. While the Enactors have taken the lead in the first week, the scores are close and with lots of events still left, the excitement is palpable.

The theme for this week was business, science and fitness. Sessions such as Oral Hygiene, Physical fitness and a workshop in Judo encouraged our participants to look at their health and well-being more closely. The panel of young entrepreneurs and talks on careers in architecture and engineering opened up their minds to the variety of avenues available to the youth today.

HPY has also provided an opportunity for our participants to become aware of the excellent initiatives launched by inspirational leaders of our community such as the Jiyo Parsi Programme and the Empowering Mobeds initiative. We truly do care for our own. Amongst all this, our participants also benefitted from the deeper insight they received on our religion by Mr. Khojest Mistree and Ervad Ramiyar Karanjia. They were encouraged to raise challenging questions with a promise of an answer for them all.  

While all of these continue to help our participants grow as individuals, we cannot forget to sensitize ourselves towards the other species which inhabit our planet. In accordance with this, a session by the organization, Welfare for Stray Dogs (WSD) was also organized. This year as a part of our social service initiatives, we have introduced a T shirt and saree collection drive. The enthusiasm of the participants is overwhelming. We have already collected well over a thousand items ready to be donated to different NGOs.

We take this opportunity to also express our heartfelt gratitude to all our speakers who out of their own beneficence brought gifts and prizes for all of us. HPY genuinely appreciates your generosity.

Tune in for more HPY related news next week.